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Kiteboarder certification Cards

Kiteboarder cert card www.kitesafe.orgKiteboarder Certification Cards
For many years now the top training organizations in the world have issued Kiteboarder Certification Cards. Kiteboarder certification cards are for kiters wheat PADI cards are for scuba divers. Kiteboarder certification cards serve several purposes. They are a way for the student to self-evaluate their level achieved. And they are an objective way to prove the skill level of the card holder to another person.

For example; when renting gear, when kiting at a restricted beach, or when taking higher levels of training. In more recent years the kiteboarder certification card is a regarded as a drivers license for kiteboarders, and is even required to be able to access certain restricted beaches in the USA and abroad.
Anyone taking a lesson with a Certified instructor should automatically get the kiteboarder certification card. Other people can get a card by doing an evaluation session with a certified kiteboarding instructor. This process usually takes a minimum of about one hour. To get a card the instructor needs to evaluate the rider’s skills and knowledge against a standard set of skills and requirements. The instructor then can issue the rider with a level, and issues a card indicating the level achieved.
Many people may be surprised to find out that their skill set may be lacking in one or more areas, even though they can already ride quite competently.
The Kiteboarder Skill levels and corresponding requirements are detailed in several places including the certifying body’s websites, as well as their handbooks and manuals.
Some kiteboarder cards are recognized locally, whereas the certification cards from the larger organizations are recognized internationally.
Think about taking a kiteboarder certification card with you when you travel and you will have not problems renting gear, or riding at restricted sites.