pro kite tips


To be a safe kiter you must know your limits. The first step is knowing everyone has limits, and that bad things happen when you push too far beyond them. This means that you should not try to learn totally new tricks way above your skill level (especially in strong gusty wind). Instead know what tricks/skills you have fully mastered, then try the very next small step up if you want to avoid risk and injury, and learn in light wind first. It is almost cliche to say “don’t push your luck in strong wind”. When you know your limits you can expand and improve on them in a controlled manner. When you disrespect your own limits you put yourself at risk, and maybe other people too, because you will be having more severe crashes more often, and you are basically rolling the dice every time you do that. The best way to raise your limits is to get a lesson from a real instructor, who can provide a systematic approach, that is risk managed, then you acquire new knowledge and skills without unnecessary risk.