pro kite tips


To avoid accidents on the Beach and on the Water, you should Never Fly Your Kite Over People. When Launching, Never Launch with your kite over people. The kite or kite lines could hit and injure someone, or if your lines hit someone then you can lose control and have an accident yourself as well. Keep people outside your wind window when launching and never fly your kite over people swimming or on the beach. You may not value your safety, But other people value theirs. It is the kiters responsibility to fly in a manner that is safe to persons and property, this is a rule, and it is common sense as well. If you are the assistant, do not release the kite if anyone is inside the wind window, even if the pilot gives you the launch signal. It is the responsibility of the assistant to not launch if they see a danger. When on any kite beach watch people launching around, you and avoid the unsafe launchers, they are the most likely to cause an accident.

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