pro kite tips


To be a safe out there we need room to maneuver. Never ride close behind other riders, this is called “Tailgating”. When you ride too close behind other riders you restrict their ability to move. This is not only bad manners, it is also very unsafe. When the person ahead needs to jump or turn or move their kite, they are restricted, You might also be riding in their blind spot and they will not see you until too late. Give people ahead of you enough room to maneuver, do not get into their comfort zone. If you need to overtake you must give them enough room on all sides at all times. Good riders anticipate the needs of others, Good riders can read the traffic and anticipate when another kiter needs more room to move, examples to turn or to jump. Example; you are following someone toward the beach, of course, they are are going to turn, so back off and turn first.  Stay separated; A good rule of thumb is to spread out and separate riders by 2 kite line lengths when riding.