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kite safety pro kite tips


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To avoid accidents on the water you should know the weather conditions BEFORE you go. Check weather Blogs, and Forecasts to know about storms, waves, tides, and winds. Extreme weather is often able to be predicted, Do not wait until you have launched your kite to find out what the wind is doing., Weather forecasts can also help anticipate sudden changes such as rain squalls, and cold fronts. More kiters get into trouble from underestimating the weather, than any other reason.

pro kite tips


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To avoid accidents on the water there are situations when rules help guide the actions of the riders.

When two kiters are going in opposite directions, there is a chance they will crash into each other, so we have a rule of who moves where. The rider on Port tack, gives way to the rider on “Starboard” tack.

In sailing “Port” means the Left side, and Starboard means the right side. The rider on Port Tack is defined by having his kite on the left side of his wind-window (between 12 and 9 o’clock). The Rider on Starboard is defined by having his kite on the right side of his wind-window (between 12 and 3 o’clock).

Actions: The Rider on “Starboard” should continue on the same course, and the rider on Port “gives way” by turning downwind, or slowing down, or even stopping to let the Starboard rider pass safely. It is the responsibility of the Port tack rider to get out of the way and to maneuver, as much as needed to avoid any accidents.

pro kite tips


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Whenever you are about to jump, you must look first to see if the area is clear. Never jump if someone is in your landing zone. Never jump over people or put other people at Risk. You must also be able to read the on-water traffic and anticipate where people will be when you land. Be responsible when kiting and Kite Safely. Do not be a reckless kiter always riding out-of-control. Real skill comes from experience and knowing your limits. Always keeping safe distances away from people for when you do lose control and crash, which you ultimately will. There is Never any reason to put other people in danger. Remember: Look before you jump, and do not jump when people are near you.

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Kitesurfing as a family pastime

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kitesurfing family www.kitesafe.orgHow Kitesurfing became a family pastime,
For years kitesurfing has had the reputation as being an extreme sport. This reputation was largely perpetuated by the pioneers themselves that experimented and discovered the limitations of their equipment through a series of adventures and misadventures that were quaintly referred to as “kitemares”. Continue reading