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pro kite tips


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Whenever you are about to jump, you must look first to see if the area is clear. Never jump if someone is in your landing zone. Never jump over people or put other people at Risk. You must also be able to read the on-water traffic and anticipate where people will be when you land. Be responsible when kiting and Kite Safely. Do not be a reckless kiter always riding out-of-control. Real skill comes from experience and knowing your limits. Always keeping safe distances away from people for when you do lose control and crash, which you ultimately will. There is Never any reason to put other people in danger. Remember: Look before you jump, and do not jump when people are near you.

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How to be a Global Kiter

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Global Kiter www.kitesafe.orgHow to be a Global Kiter
More kiters are traveling to enjoy their sport. Winter and cold weather are no longer any obstacle to a kiteboarder. Kiters can simply get up and go to a warmer and windier location. The compact and lightweight equipment gives kiteboarders a distinct advantage when it comes to traveling with gear. Continue reading