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To avoid accidents on the water there are situations when rules help guide the actions of the riders.

When two kiters are going in opposite directions, there is a chance they will crash into each other, so we have a rule of who moves where. The rider on Port tack, gives way to the rider on “Starboard” tack.

In sailing “Port” means the Left side, and Starboard means the right side. The rider on Port Tack is defined by having his kite on the left side of his wind-window (between 12 and 9 o’clock). The Rider on Starboard is defined by having his kite on the right side of his wind-window (between 12 and 3 o’clock).

Actions: The Rider on “Starboard” should continue on the same course, and the rider on Port “gives way” by turning downwind, or slowing down, or even stopping to let the Starboard rider pass safely. It is the responsibility of the Port tack rider to get out of the way and to maneuver, as much as needed to avoid any accidents.